Security deposit

How does it work?
All car rental companies have their cars insured. There is often an excess on the policies that you as lessee have to bear in the event of injury or accident.

Every now and then you are required to pay a security deposit in connection with the pickup of your rental car. The deposit shall be made with a credit card in the main driver’s name.

The amount is usually equivalent to the excess plus any fuel costs and will be reserved on the credit card during the rental period. The deposit is mandatory and must be paid even though you may have signed Mondial’s Excess insurance. How much your deposit is equivalent to is shown in your rental conditions/voucher for Coverage / Insurance.

Upon return of your rental car, the rental car company puts back this amount to you, the customer provided that no injury / accident occurred. Keep in mind that it may take several business days for the funds to appear on your account.

In most destinations, you can sign up for an Excess Insurance through our partnership with Allianz Assistance.
By signing an excess insurance to your booking, you protect yourself from paying this cost in case of injury / accident and the excess is refunded to you afterwards.

 The amount of the excess can vary between different destinations and rental car companies.

 In order to get a refund of the excess, the driver must have complied with applicable local laws as well as the car rental company – and the insurance conditions.

 Always contact the local car rental company directly when injury or accident has occurred and follow their instructions. Start no type of repair of the rental car without authorization by the car rental company.

 Excess insurance is a service that Globalcar offers its customers through collaboration with Allianz Assistance Groupe. Some local car rental suppliers offer a similar insurance upon collection of the rental car. NOTE! If the customer chooses to take such an insurance, Allianz reimbursement insurance will not be valid and all possible refund cases must then be handled to the local car rental company.

The local car rental suppliers may also offer excess insurance at the pickup, these are optional and if you have signed an excess insurance by Allianz no additional insurance is needed. Some car rental companies may also offer reduced security deposit for the purchase of their insurance.

In the event of damage

In the event of damage, the excess amount will be charged to the customer’s credit card by the local car rental company. If you added an excess Insurance, the excess amount will be refunded by Allianz after homecoming and after confirmation of the event is provided by the local car rental company. All information concerning this, you will receive when signing the insurance from Mondial.

Excess insurance is signed in connection with the booking at Globalcar or afterwards up to the pickup here.